6 Ways to Style Your Blazer for a Debonair Look

how to style a blazer
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One of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, your trusty blazers can add just the right amount of oomph to almost any outfit you wear. Whether you want to dress up an ensemble or dress it down, the right blazer pairing can do the trick for you. Here we tell you 6 ways in which you can style your blazer to ace that debonair look in different places and situations.

  1. Daily office wear

Daily office wear need not be dull and something as simple as a classy black blazer can help you create several sharp attires for work. The good news is if you carry a laptop backpack or sling bag, then your blazer is also going to protect your shirt from creasing especially if it made of a sturdy material. Team your slim-cut black blazer with a grey turn down collar shirt and formal black trousers to look work-ready. If your office dress code is of the relaxed kind, you can also pair your black blazer with an oatmeal coloured or midnight blue trousers or in any other contrasting shade you like. Footwear must complement your blazer and you can go in for black slightly pointy-toed buckle ups or derby lace ups. Finally, personal grooming is the best add-on for any given day at work. And if you suffer from the freezing office syndrome, you can also choose to underlayer your blazer with a waistcoat to get that office-chic feel while keeping yourself warm.

  1. Boardroom meetings

As you’d agree, boardroom meetings are a lot about powerplay and you just cannot let your confidence dip by not being dressed to kill.  Get on with it in a fitted navy blue blazer paired with colour-coordinated trousers and a crisp white formal shirt.  Accent this look with a maroon tie in a Windsor knot, golden tie bar and round-toed black brogues. Ensure that your shoes are polished to a shine and your clothes, including your tie are neatly pressed. Grooming yourself is important too; use a deodorant and a mild complementary perfume, shave or keep a neatly trimmed goatee or stubble and ensure that your nails clipped and clean. Your hair should be combed tidily and held together with gel if needed.

  1. Date-night

On a date night, you need to be dressed up enough to impress while also maintaining a casual vibe about your whole ensemble. After all, you don’t want to seem like you are trying too hard!  So here’s where you must put your classy grey blazer to use. Underlayer it with a prim blue gingham casual shirt and straight-fit classic black denim jeans to create an impressive get-up. Team up this attire with tan leather or suede moccasins for a relaxed yet polished vibe. Finally, a perfume that suits your personality and a simple, sleek watch would be all you need to leave a fine impression. You can also choose to accessorise with a neutral-coloured monotone scarf tied up in a modern one loop to add to the dressiness of your attire.

  1. Traveling

Before you pick up a blazer for your travels, take into account the temperature of the place you are going to. It may be December but being weather-ready for New Year’s Eve at New York or a Christmas party at Sydney means quite different things. For colder locales, go for blazers made of thick and heavy fabrics like those made of wool while for the warmer ones (if you insist on a blazer, that is), you can go for summer blazers made of cotton or linen. Underlayer your dark-coloured woollen blazer with a grey-colored hooded sweatshirt and pair it with a black or deep blue corduroy or twill trousers to beat the chill. Use woollen or cotton socks with your footwear which can be loafers or a pair of canvas sneakers.

A pastel-coloured summer blazer can be teamed with a white cotton crew neck T-shirt and brown chino shorts to air your effortless style. You can wear moccasins or canvas slip-ons with this combo to keep your feet comfy as you look around on the streets of Verona or go on a safari in Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya. And yes, since you are travelling, you don’t need to bother with accessories too much as long; as you don’t wear anything too bright or sparkly you are good to go.

  1. Clubbing

For a night out and about the town, you need a chilled-out look while still looking as dapper as you can. A classic cut ultramarine denim blazer would be the main ingredient for your style wizardry here. Team it with a white graphic T-shirt, taupe slim-fit cargoes and suede loafers to create that spell-binding effect on everyone around. This combo is not just comfy enough as you dance the night away but also dressy in its own way. Now all you need is a big dial watch with silver accents and a dab of woodsy perfume to nail that cool club look.

  1. Weddings

Wedding fashion calls for an amalgamation of romance with elegance in your look. If the ethnic Indian wear is not your forte, you can create quite a stir in your midnight blue blazer too. Pair it up with colour-coordinated dress pants and a neatly pressed powder blue French shirt. Put on silver cuff-links and add a further dash of dressiness to your ensemble with a merlot red pocket square. When it comes to footwear, go for a dressy pair of shoes like patent leather oxfords or derbys in lace-up or slip-on design.


Which is your favourite way to style a blazer among these six debonair ways to do so? If you have any blazer styling queries, comment here and we will answer them for you!





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