How to Get Lucky

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You make your own luck.

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard ‘lucky’ people say this, much to everyone else’s annoyance. If making luck was so easy, why aren’t we all doing it already? Why aren’t there are courses or schools to teach us to be lucky?

However, as I dug deeper into the subject, I realized the truth in creating your own good fortune. I found these 7 ‘easy’ ways to attract luck and stay lucky. Oh, and it’s easier than any rituals or obscure good luck charms because it solely depends on your own personal power.  So without further ado, here are 7 ways that can show you how to get lucky:

  1. Don’t be cynical about luck

Science or logic can’t prove luck, but we all do know from some experience that it does exist. The first step to get lucky is to accept that there’s something called luck and it can work for you the same way it works for other fortunate ones. Heck, even Google believes in luck – there’s even a separate search button for people who feel lucky.

  1. Relax and let go

Whatever you run after in life, will run away from you. That’s one of the deepest spiritual insights I have learnt. Luck can’t be pressured into manifesting in your life. It’s like a happiness butterfly that gently sits on your finger once you’re sitting still. In any case, worry won’t solve anything. So just do your best and let go the rest.

  1. Gratitude is the key

Find things to be grateful about every day. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in God, what matters is opening your eyes to the joy and luck already present in your life. Dig this; if you are reading this article, you are already luckier than the 1 billion non-literates of the world.

  1. Listen to that gut feeling

Sometimes, some things just feel plain wrong yet they are too tempting to miss. The good thing about gut feeling is that it is mostly protective in nature. Listen to it more often. It’s simple, to be lucky, you need to first stop being unlucky (ha!).

  1. Be honest to yourself

Never lie to that one person you have known all your life. If you want more wealth in your life, you need to be honest about why you want it. Is it for proving yourself better than others or for you to lead a more comfortable life? Make sure what you want to get lucky for is for your own need/joy/benefit, and not to spite someone else. Remember, luck favors need, not greed.

  1. Rigidity: The enemy of Luck

Take a chance and let yourself be random every once in a while.  Make plans but don’t stick like a leech to your plan. Being rigid is being stupid when you’re tryna get lucky. Don’t be shy of daydreams, distractions, going the off-beat path or chance meetings.

  1. Feel lucky already

You know why feelings are so powerful? Because they shape our lives. And the best part is that our brain can be tricked into feeling certain things. For example, if you’re feeling sad, try and make yourself smile or laugh and you’ll notice that you will actually feel better. So feel lucky and you will trick life into giving you more luck.

Do try these 7 tips to get lucky. We would love to know how things change for you! Do you feel lucky already? Yes? Comment and let us know! 🙂



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