9 Ways To Stay Sane In An Insane World

How to stay sane in an insane world
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“Gotta find a way,
yeah I can’t wait another day,
ain’t nothing gonna change,
if we stay around here.
Gotta do what it takes
cause it’s all in our hands.
We all make mistakes
Yeah but its never too late to start again..
Take another breath and say another prayer.

And Fly Away from here
Anywhere yeah I don’t care
We just fly away from here
Our hopes & dreams are out there somewhere
Won’t let time pass us by
We’ll just Fly yeah”

One of my all-time favorites, Aerosmith’s ‘Fly Away From Here’ is a poignant soundtrack that to me is almost like a prayer. Contrary to what the lyrics may imply, the song is not about living like an escapist but about moving on in search of peace and happiness, even if it means leaving everything behind and flying away from here.

The mounting pressures of modern life, hyperconnectivity, the stress of earning a livelihood, relationship troubles, daily crime and terrorism news, and everyday frustrations of life, can sometimes be so overwhelming that the thoughts of leaving everything behind and escaping to a distant Himalayan monastery may look so comforting.

However palatable this idea may seem sometimes, it may not be the most practical in your current life situation. Here are 9 things you can do instead:

  1.      Delete Your Social Media Accounts

Be honest. All social media brings in your life is high-octane drama. It may have a few advantages too but the fact remains that it is the biggest distraction in our modern lives.

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PC: hubspot.net

We frankly don’t need to be constantly fooled by how everyone’s life is better than ours when we ourselves only show the best sides of our life on social media. Delete or deactivate your social media accounts for a few days to experience the relief that comes with it.

  1.     Switch Off Your Phone for 2 Days

Most of us millennials are living by, ‘I have a smartphone, therefore I am’. We know all too well that excruciating sense of feverishness when expecting a text from our crush or that ‘fantasy call’ that will somehow put an end to the dreadfulness in our lives and start us on a fresh new adventure. It’s like our lives DEPEND on a buzz or ping.

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Can we resolve to break away from this tight hold of our smartphones by being phone free for at least 2 days? Sounds impossible? Try it and see the difference for yourself.

 3. Start Afresh in a New City

Starting afresh in a new city needs a lot of courage but it can change your whole outlook on life. Give yourself the chance to make a new beginning in a new city or better yet, a new country. The personal growth you’ll experience from this process will be well worth the effort.


  1.     Get Rid of the Household Clutter

Like they say, a cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind. If you are overwhelmed with a million thoughts/second running through your mind, do yourself a favor. Fold your laundry, clear up the mess, and donate or recycle the stuff you haven’t used in a while. 

donate or recycle household clutter
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  1.     Meditate for 20 Minutes Every Day

Meditation still seems like some new age mumbo-jumbo to some of us and many of us either find it hard or weird to do.

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However, meditation, very simply, is just sitting with yourself for some time, every day, in complete stillness of the body and the mind. Thankfully, there are many resources online to help you get going on this path.

  1.     Get Distance From the Toxic People in Your Life

You know who they are. No matter how close they are (parents, spouse, children, girlfriend/boyfriend included), give yourself distance from them for at least a week to get a sense of clarity on your situation and your relationship with them.

Young beautiful woman having quarrel with her friend in the city
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We all are porous to some extent and the negativity of the people closest to us can seep right through. Avoid short-tempered, irritable, and forever-complaining people like the plague.

  1.     Do Things That Bring You Closer to Nature

The closer we bring ourselves to nature, the calmer and more relaxed we feel. Go for nature hikes, get a pet animal or babysit one, join a pottery class, start a little garden, or go for swimming. Just make sure you do something that uplifts your senses through the beauty of nature. 

play with your dog
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Oh and you can try Hanami – the traditional Japanese practice of looking at flowers, for a few minutes every day. 

  1.    Lose the Need to Control People, Events, and Situations in your Life
How to stay sane

We can’t control anybody or any event in our life because if we think we do, we’re in for a big disappointment. We only have the power to control ourselves and our response to these people and situations. However, most of the times, we hardly even exercise control over own minds and actions. Kinda ironic then how we expect to control other people’s minds.   

  1.     Laugh it out
How to stay sane
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Whatever your troubles are, find a little humor in them and make yourself chuckle. Shit happens and you can flush it down with a laugh. Make yourself happy, wherever you are, because only you can 🙂

Got more tips to keep you from escaping to the Himalayas? Let us know in the comments below! Do share this post with those who may be need a dose of sanity 😉

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