10 Terrifying Cakes for Halloween To Creep Out Everyone

halloween cakes
PC: Domestic sugar cake

Move over candy! This Halloween put your guests in a sugar coma with these ghoulish yet gorgeous Halloween cakes!

What’s more, you can prepare these cakes easily at home without breaking the bank! Now isn’t that spookily awesome? 🙂

So let the cutting begin!

  1. Spider Cake
halloween food
PC: cookingchanneltvdotcom

Spiders and cobwebs can freak out the best of us! Why not play up these scary elements in a vanilla and chocolate marble cake? Get the complete recipe here.

2. Head Cake

halloween food
PC: Domestic sugar cake

In the mood for something gruesome? Go for this Head Cake that’s sure to spook out the bravest of your folks. Check out the complete recipe here.

3. Blood Injection Cake

halloween cakes

A gory play of Red velvet ganache and raspberry jam keeps this cake looking as hauntingly delicious as ever! Oh, and on the plus side, it is quite an easy one to make as well. Get the recipe here.

4. Freaky Finger Cake

Halloween cakes

All those cold severed fingers lining the cake are more than enough to turn up the ick factor by volumes on your Halloween party. Get the recipe here.

5. Colorful Skull Cake

Halloween cakes

This skull cake seems to smile at you and if that’s not creepy enough, I don’t know what is. Get the recipe here.

6. Monster Eye Cake

halloween cakes
PC: thecakeblogdotcom

Want to be a little subtle this Halloween? Or maybe you’re baking a Halloween cake for the children. Either way, this cute yet creepy Oreo-Monster eye Cake will do the trick. (Don’t those eyes seem to be looking at you all the time?) For the complete recipe, click here.

7. Marshmallow Cobweb Cake


We can hardly get enough of big black spiders and this spooky yet elegant 2-tiered cake is proof of that! Get its recipe here.

8. X-ray Cake

halloween cakes
PC: cookingchanneltvdotcom

This striking cake is pretty simple to make. Just slather up the cake base with melted chocolate and make the X-ray shape with fondant and candy.

9. Blood Drip Cupcakes

cakes for halloween
PC: delishdotcom

Perfect for a vampire-themed party, these bloodied cupcakes will keep ’em talking of your style for days to come! Check out the recipe here.

10. Haunted Forest Cake

Halloween cakes

Those creepy-crawlies trying to move away, towards you, look hot damn scary to me! Check out the recipe here.

Which of these cakes spooked you out the most? My vote goes to the Head Cake! And yours? Tell me in the comments below!

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