101 Ways to Be Happy

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Do you agree¬†that everything we do in life, we do it to be happy? Happiness is the ultimate goal of our lives and if we’re feeling down, it becomes our own responsibility to get us back on track. So take charge of your own happiness and keep this checklist handy to pep up your mood in 101 ways ūüôā

  1. Listen to your favorite music
Listening to music, happy face
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2. Paint something- simply enjoy playing with colors on your canvas

Paint to be happy
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3. Make clay art or indulge in pottery sessions

Little girl doing pottery - how to be happy
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4. Play with a dog or cuddle a puppy

Play with dog
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5. Call a good friend

Call a good friend - ways to be happy
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6. Sleep for 8 hours or more

Sleep like a baby - how to be happy
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7. Binge on your favorite comedy shows

8. Go for a run in the park

Sports-Running-Natural-Park-HOW TO BE HAPPY
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9. Watch a sunset or a sunrise

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PC: Flickr of missgeok

10. Volunteer at an old age home

Volunteer at an old age home
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11. Do 3 random acts of kindness

12. Count your blessings, and write them down

child holding white flowers - how to be happy
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13.Book a ticket to someplace you’ve always wanted to go to – go solo if need be!

Fulfill your travel dreams - how to be happy
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14.¬†Read a fairy tale ūüôā

Read a fairy tale to be happy
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15. Play a musical instrument – you don’t have to be a professional, just have fun!

16. Experience the regular weather with more mindfulness – get drenched in the rain, play in the snow or soak up some sun.

Children making snow angels in a trees shadow
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17.Bake a cake

Bake a cake to be happy
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18. Feel the breeze on your face and wind in your hair

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PC: keyword-suggestions.com

19. Sing for yourself – sing for joy!

Sing to be happy
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20. Light scented candles in your room

Light scented candles to be happy
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21. Join a local theater group and become a new person

Join a theater group to be happy
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22. Express your love to someone special

Express your love to someone special to be happy
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23. Drink a glass of wine

Drink a glass of wine to get rid of the stress

24. Get a massage

Get a massage to be happy
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25. Talk to someone new Рmaybe make a new friend

Make a new friend to be happy
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26. Pop some bubble wrap

Pop some bubble wrap to be happy
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27. Do yoga

Do Yoga to be happy
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28. Kiss slowly

Kiss to be happy
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29. Party like a rockstar

Party to be happy
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30. Learn a new language

PC: learnnovators.com/
PC: learnnovators.com/

31. Indulge in a long, relaxing bubble bath

Take a long relaxing bubble bath to be happy
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32. Have a cupcake making get-together with your neighbors

Have a cupcake party to be happy
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33. Develop a fun little crush on someone

Crush on someone to be happy
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34. Find something good in each day and write it down

Keep a daily journal to be happy
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35. Go skydiving or bungee jumping

Skydiving in Dubai
Exhilarating: Skydive over Palm Jumeriah! PC: Skydivedubai.ae

36. Meditate

Young girl meditating in the park

37. Write heartfelt thank you notes to all the good people in your life

Write thank you notes to be happy
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38.¬†Play a fun prank on someone (make sure you don’t hurt anyone including yourself, though)

39. Daydream

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40. Explore the depths of the ocean through scuba diving

Scuba dive to be happy
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41. Make love

Make love to be happy
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42. Give genuine compliments – the more, the merrier

Compliment someone to be happy
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43. Without any judgment, tell your parents you love them and do something sweet for them

Show love to parents to be happy
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44. Eat chocolate

Eat chocolate to be happy
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45. Imagine a beautiful future and think about what you need to get there

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46. Jump into the pool with shouts of joy

Jump into the pool to be happy
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47. Start a hobby blog and nurture it

Start a hobby blog and nurture it
PC: justagirlandherblog.com

48. Take a hot water shower

Take a hot shower to be happy
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49. Hug someone tight

hug someone tight to be happy
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50.¬†Join The Art of Living’s Happiness Program

51. Give free study lessons to poor kids

Teach poor kids for free
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52. Cook an elaborate meal – check YouTube tutorials if you like

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53. Listen to others with 100% attention and 0% judgment

Listen to others with 100% attention to be happy
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54. Burn any weepy/depressing/sad journals you may have kept

Burn sad journals to be happy
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55. Clean your room

Clean your room to be happy

56. Get a few indoor plants for your living spaces

Get indoor plants to be happy
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57. Pick up a new skill

Learn a new skill to be happy
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58.Take a camera, and start clicking the beauty in your surroundings

Take a camera and start taking pictures to be happy
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59. Watch kittens play

60. Get rid of all the gifts, stuff, and memories of your ex

61. Organize your closet

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62. Make a healthy diet plan and stick to it

eat well TO BE HAPPY
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63. Visit an art gallery and spend time looking at the stunning works of artists

Art gallery
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64. Read The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Read the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying to be happy
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65.¬†Donate the stuff you don’t need

Donate stuff to be happy
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66.Write down your dreams and start working on fulfilling them

Write down your dreams to be happy
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67. Be completely honest with someone Рshow your naked heart and mind to someone without any expectations

Confide in someone to be happy
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68.Take deep long breaths for 5 minutes – Breathe in (4 seconds), Hold (4 seconds) and Breathe out (6 seconds)

Take deep breaths to be happy
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69. Do your laundry

Do laundry to be happy
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70.¬†Dance like no one’s watching

71. Cozy up with a Mills and Boons and a mug of coffee

Read Mills and Boons - ways to be happy
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71. Wear cheerful colors like baby blues, lavender pinks, sea greens and scarlet reds.

Wear happy colors to be happy
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72. Get some Vitamin Sea

Have some beach fun to be happy
PC: westendsalonboulder.com

73. Build a sand castle

Build a sand castle
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74.¬†Sell the good stuff you haven’t used in awhile ($$$)

sell your stuff and make money to be happy
PC: allyou.com

75. Indulge in gardening

Do gardening to be happy
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76. Speak kindly but clearly to others


77. Eat some ice cream

Enjoy icecream to be happy
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78. Knit yourself something nice or learn knitting

79. If you’re not happy in your job, quit.

Quit your job to be happy
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80. Write a poem Рwrite it just for you

Write a poem to be happy
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81. Spend time with happy/funny people

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Be friends with happy people

82. Watch the world from above Рtry the helicopter ride, hot air balloon flight, paragliding or sit beside the window seat of the airplane

Helicopter rides to be happy
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83. Have a movie marathon with friends

Have a movie marathon with friends to be happy
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84.Play with a happy toddler or just observe one

85. Pamper yourself at a beauty salon Рget a manicure, pedicure and a facial

Pamper yourself at a beauty salon to be happy
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86. Make DIYs that you can sell. 

Make DIYs to be happy
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87. Be a harmless flirt

Flirt to be happy

88. Visit the Himalayas and be like a wandering monk for a few days

Visit Himalayas alone to be happy
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89. Cozy up with a long due book and complete it within a week

Complete your favorite book to be happy
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90. Not happy in your relationship? Analyse why and take action.

Analyse your relationship to be happy
PC: lifehacker.com

91. Read quotes by spiritual leaders like Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and Osho.

Read spiritual wisdom to be happy
PC: goodlifequotes.com

92. Liven up your living space with pops of happy colors like lime green, turquoise, and coral.

Use bright colors in your living space to be happy
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93. Recycle, recycle and recycle some more

Recycle to be happy
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94. Become a vegetarian or include more vegetarian food in your daily diet

Be a vegetarian or include more vegetarian food in your diet to be happy
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95. Help someone else make their dreams come true

Make someone else's dreams come true to be happy
4-year old cancer patient marries her favorite nurse. PC: Youtube Channel of Joe’s Newsreel Archive

96. Gaze at the star lit sky

Gaze at the starlit sky at night to be happy
PC: dontgiveupworld.com

97. Treat yourself to something delicious at your favorite restaurant or eatery

restaurant food
PC: appforhealth.com/

98. Visit a toy store

Visit a toy store - 101 ways to be happy
PC: toybook.com/

99. Get a fun haircut – maybe get streaks or highlights or even dye your hair

Get a fun haircut to be happy
PC: buzz-salon.com

100. Buy some fashion items that look great on you

101. Give yourself a hug and love yourself. You are perfect ūüôā

Give yourself a hug to be happy
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Got more points to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below! ūüôā

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