12 Times The Menswear Dog Showed That He’s The King Of Cool

menswear dog

Move over Tyson Beckford and David Gandy. There’s a new top dog in the world of menswear modeling – and quite literally so! Have you met the Menswear Dog?

MENSWEAR DOGThis 6-year-old Internet sensation from the New York City has captured the hearts of major fashion brands and his online fans equally.

Earning more than $15,000/month, the smoldering good looks of this Shiba Inu dog has bagged him campaigns from dozens of top brands like Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Nike, ASOS, and Barney’s among others.

Here are 12 times Bodhi, the Menswear Dog showed why he’s America’s next top model.

    1. He’s completely natural in front of the camera.

Now don’t blame the women for making passes on men(-swear dog) in glasses. 

2. Bodhi knows balance.

Ain’t nobody like a man who knows control 😉

3. He’s cool like that.

A man who can wear colors like a boss is a man for keeps, right ladies?

4. He’s chill AF.

It’s so rare to find a man who doesn’t come with drama these days.

5. And he can rock a neck-tie like nobody’s business!

*Swoons at that slant gaze!*

6. Oh yeah, and a bow-tie too!

7. Calling his name? Here’s how he showers you with attention.

Helloooo lady.

8. He’s got swag.

Any doubts about that?

9. He can rock any fashion trend – this paisley cap with striped neck-tie for instance.

Who da boss?

10. The way he high-fives without dropping his chic sunglasses in the process.

What to do when you have Rockstar written all over you?

11. Even his gaping yawn is a lesson in effortless cool.

Now look at that face!

12. ‘I would love you to the moon and back, baby’

That’s what we assume he might say if he could speak in words 😉

Isn’t Bodhi incredible? Find out more about his awesome story here.

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