17 WTF Fashion Trends You Can’t Unsee

PC: Credited individually. Collage made from BeFunky

Every once in a while, fashionistas come up with something so provocative that you can’t help but be a little amused. Here’s our curated list of 17 such outrageous fashion trends that your innocent eyes should have ideally never had to see.

1. Eye-tattoo

PC: Vice.com

Speaking of eyes, how can we forget the eye ball tattoos that became quite the rage last year? To be honest, some of these eyeball tattoos in black, purple and deep blue shades are kinda “mesmerizing” but then again, you shouldn’t have had to read eyeball and tattoos in the same sentence.

2. Floral beards

PC: EOonline

Floral beards made quite a splash in the summer of 2014 and saw a great number of hipsters sharing their various floral beard styles on social media with the hashtag #flowerbeard. They are kinda cool if done right, otherwise just plain funny.

3. Coloured arm-pit hair

PC: Roxie Hunt
PC: Roxie Hunt

This one’s got a feminist angle to it. The reasoning being why must women keep a hairless body. So keep the arm-pit hair and make it ‘special’ by coloring it.

4. Facekini

When sunscreen is not enough protection. PC: IBTTimes
When sunscreen is not enough. PC: IBTTimes

A Chinese innovation, the facekini protects the wearer’s face from the sun. So anytime you’re short on sunscreen, your facekini will come to your rescue. And just for this reason, your facekini will make sure you keep yourself well-stocked.

5. Condom dress

Well, to their credit, some of these dresses were used in fashion shows to create AIDS awareness. PC: Chris Michael WordPress
PC: Chris Michael WordPress

Made for the social cause of spreading AIDS awareness, these condom dresses were (thankfully) rarely worn off the fashion runaways.

6. Eye-jewelry

PC: US news
PC: US news

Who said you need Vitamin A for sparkling eyes? This eye-jewelry is a short cut to eyes that shine (quite literally).

7. Duck feet nails

PC: Pinterest
PC: Pinterest

Duck feet nails, as the name suggests, are nails manicured in duck feet shape and are probably one of the ugliest manicures ever to have gained mass popularity.

8. Beansprout fashion


Coming from China, this hair trend bemused many the world over. These plastic headpins create the illusion of a bean sprouting out of your head and can (sometimes) look cute in a funny way.

9. Plastic food accessories

PC: Taobao.com
PC: Taobao.com

Another masterstroke from China, these hair accessories are giving serious competition to the beansprouts. I prefer the beansprouts to these, what about you?

10. Skintight leggings with “decorative private parts”

PC: DHgate
PC: DHgate

What a time to be alive.

11. Glitter roots

PC: Metro UK
PC: Metro UK

From hiding dandruff to missed hair coloring appointments, this trend will turn your bad hair days to sparkly ones only if you’re edgy enough to try it on.

12. Drop-crotch pants

Copyright © 2013 infinitas. Article Photo for Denim Jeans Observer www.denimjeansobserver.com
Copyright © 2013 infinitas. Article Photo for Denim Jeans Observer

You may wonder why and how the drop-crotch pants even became popular. Be honest. Doesn’t the wearer looks like they’re wearing a diaper full of crap?

13. Hairy T-shirts

PC: Aliexpress
PC: Aliexpress

I can’t understand the logic behind this trend. A hairy chest is supposed to be sexy on a man and perhaps some rebellious fashionistas though the women could make it look better? o_O

14. Gun-hoof shoes

PC: Refinery29
PC: Refinery29

Is it a gun? Is it a goat? Keep wondering as we are.

15. Fish tie

PC: Angelfire
PC: Angelfire

Imagine having a snake-like fish hanging down your throat. Creepy, right?

16. Thigh-gap jewelry

weird fashion trends

Show off your shapely thighs that do not meet with thigh-gap jewelry. This fashion trend created quite a furore earlier this year.  While the runaway models showed off this jewelry, many others accused this trend of fat-shaming and causing body hate.

17. Fundies

PC: Sweetgets and Funslurp
PC: Sweetgets and Funslurp

I think we have seen enough.

Which one of these WTF fashion items was the most outrageous for you? Dare to try any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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