18 Personality Signs That Show You’re a Grown Up Girl

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Becoming an adult is a constant process but here and there we do have our ‘aha’ moments when we feel good about our own sense of maturity. Here’s our checklist of 18 personality signs that help show that you’re a grown-ass girl who gets stuff done 🙂

    1. You keep your ego aside and wave at everyone including your haters.

2. Your priorities change from high-end gadgets to people who really matter to you.

3. You like to take your own decisions.

4. You move on easily instead of overthinking.

5. You know how to be alone and not defined by another person.

6. Sometimes you even enjoy having your own quality time.

7. You don’t care for mainstream opinions. You know your own mind and are not afraid to speak it out.

8. You go with the flow because you know things settle down as time passes.

9. You love experimenting. For you, failure is just another step towards success.

10. You choose to be yourself instead of what others want you to be.

11. You’re not shy anymore.

12. You understand love is beyond attraction. It’s a unique and special bond two people share.

13. You become honest in relationships.

14. You begin to worry about your career. You want to accomplish your goals on your own.

15. You don’t see any value in thinking about those who hurt you.

16. You don’t believe in the concept of ‘Prince Charming’ and you’re absolutely not a damsel-in-distress.

17. Your peers ask you for advice because you seem to understand their issues well.

18. Sometimes, you hate being a grown up girl.

Grown up or not, girl we hope you’re handling yourself like a boss! If you have more points to add to this list, let us know in the comments below!


Edited by Ms. Aparna Ghildiyal

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