24 Stunning Pictures Tell A Love Story


Moth: I gave you my life.

Flame: I allowed you to kiss me.

-Hazrat Inayat Khan

Lovers all over the world might agree that love ain’t easy nor it’s kind! But yeah, the same silly, crazy, messy, complicated love can inspire such wondrous works of art!

Like these stunning pictures by Martin Stranka, a self-taught Czech photographer known for the dream-like quality in his pictures. Check out this compilation of some of his best works with their titles, arranged to tell a love story.

  1. White Night

Martin Stranka

2. I Was Falling High

2_I was falling high

3. Into You

3_Into You

4. Somebody Told Me This Is Real

4_Somebody Told Me This Is Real

5. And I Keep Falling

6_And I keep falling

6. I Came So Close

5_I came so close

7. So I Tried

7_So I tried

8. I Was Talking To You

8_I was talking to you

9. Meet Me Halfway

9_Meet me halfway

10. Between Us

10_Between us

11. So Please Hurt Me

18_So please hurt me

12. Every Time You Go

11_Everytime you go

13. Those Places

12_Those places

14. Overgrown


15. Stay


16. Rejected

love story

17. I Was Broken

love story

18. While You Were Sleeping

love story

19. Between Light And Nowhere

love story

20. I Am Winter

20_I am winter

21. Before I Go Blind

19_Before I go blind

22. I Found The Silence

22_I found the silence

23. And A Morning Has Begun

23_And a morning has begun

24. Reborn


And a new cycle begins!

I have been a fan of Martin Stranka ever since I discovered his art, way back in 2012. He’s amazing, right? Here’s the perfect quote with which we will sign off this tale of love:

Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.’


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If not to you, perhaps it may give hope to someone else going through relationship blues.

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