27 Birthday Cakes For Girls, That Are Too Beautiful to Eat

Vintage style cake
PC: cakegallerymaslak

Nothing pampers a birthday girl more than getting her an outstanding cake on her big day. No matter what her age, this list will give you fine ideas to make her feel special this birthday!

1. Fashion and Makeup Cake

birthday cakes for girls
PC: Instagram of dekortort

What better way to delight your makeup-loving lady than this pretty pink makeup cake?

2. Pretty Pink Bow and Rose Cake

birthday cakes for girls
PC: Instagram of cakegallerymaslak

An elegant style for the level-headed lady in your life.

3. Snow White Cake

birthday cakes for girls
PC: superbakedgoods

No matter her age, the color combination of this cake will make her eyes pop with delight!

4. Chanel Bag cake

Chanel purse cake
PC: Instagram of signaturecakebyshweta

For the ladies who’re addicted to Chanel bags.

5. Beach Girl Cake

Beach girl cake
PC: Instagram of cakeshopec

Your beach babe will love this pretty cake.

6. Pretty Pink stripes cake

birthday cakes for girls
PC: Instagram: cakeatease

How much more stunning can a food item really get?

7. Red Sling Bag Cake

Flowers and handbag cake
PC: mrscakeandbake

Isn’t the details on the flowers just too mindblowing?

8. Alphabet Cake

Alphabet cake
PC: Instagram of milisbakerynj

Simplicity is the real elegance! Isn’t that the first thought that comes to mind after looking at this baby pink and light grey beauty?

9. Minion Cake

Minion cake
PC: Instagram of standertonbakery

For the minions will never stop charming us all!

10. Pinkilicious Pearls Cake

PC: Instargam -spoontino_031413
PC: Instargam -spoontino_031413

This takes the cake in sophistication, quite literally so!

11. Teapot cake

Tea pot cake
PC: Instagram of thecakerybyjordin

For when you’re craving an Alice in Wonderland themed party!

12. Blue Butterfly Cake

Pretty blue cake
PC: Instagram of norwegiancake

Dontcha wish you could pop those delicate little butterflies into your mouth?

13. Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie mouse cake
PC: Instagram of eatfreelycakes

Cause we’re never too old for classic Disney!

14. Baby Blue Stiletto Cake

Classy blue and white stiletto cake
PC: Instagram of cakeshopec

Roses, pearls, and stilettos – this cake has all the pretty things that will enamor any girly, girl.

15. Sleeping Beauty Cake

Sleeping beauty cake
PC: Instagram of disneyinawish

…because fairy tales add just the right amount of oomph in a cake! 🙂

16. MAC Lover cake

Makeup lover cake
PC: enkayscakesnall

The best cake for a MAC lover.

17. Light Pink Ribbons and Gold Shoes 2-tiered cake

PC: Instagram -serendipity1706
PC: Instagram -serendipity1706

Those little golden shoes are enough to make all the party people swoon.

18. Gold Dress Cake

Gold dress cake
PC: Instagram: mrsbakeandcake

Whenever I see this cake, my mind plays Fergie’s GLAMOROUS. On repeat.

19. Elegant Grey Lace Cake

Grey lace cake
PC: Instagram of cakegallerymaslak

*Drooling over the lace details*

20. Social Butterfly Cake

Red Stiletto cake
PC: Instagram of Mrscakeandbake

A birthday cake that’s got such Moulin Rouge charm, seriously we’re blown over!

21. Pink Bow and Blue Flowers Cake

Bow and flowers cake
PC: cakegallerymaslak

The color combination, the way the bow has been placed with such care and precision, the pretty flowers…well I could go on and on about this wondrous cake.

22. Cat-face Cake

Cat face cake
PC: Instagram of edithpatisserie


23. Vintage Style Cake

Vintage style cake
PC: cakegallerymaslak

What a perfect cake for a beautifully chaotic woman in your life!

24. Bella cake

Bella cake
PC: Instagram of murpatisserie

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty – those tiny little roses have stolen our hearts here, the lovely yellow dress ain’t too bad either! 😉

25. Pink Floral Cake 

PC: Instagram of edithpatisserie
PC: Instagram of edithpatisserie

Talk about love at first sight- with a CAKE.

26. Cinderella Cake

Cinderella cake
PC: Instagram of constancegailley 8

Can you do anything other than swoon over this delicate baby blue cake?

27. Eiffel Tower Cake

Eiffel tower cake
PC: Instagram of sweetcrumbsbynica

The perfect choice for anyone (and that’s almost everyone) who’s been mesmerized with the City of Lights!

This post has put my sugar cravings on an overdrive now! I actually love them all 🙂 but do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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