LOL ALERT: 28 Of The Funniest Kiss Cam Moments Ever

funniest kiss cam moments

Originating in California in the 1980s, the Kiss Cams are quite a genius idea to keep the crowds engaged during downtimes at sporting events. And all you Kiss Cam enthusiasts already know that these kissing games don’t always end well and can even sometimes lead to hilarious, cringe-worthy moments. 😉

We scoured the internet for some of these funniest kiss cam moments to come up with these gems. Check ’em out below! 🙂

  1. The one where it becomes an opportunity to proclaim your love for beer.

2. When one couple’s Kiss Cam moment pisses off another couple.

3. The one where Chandler Bing’s sarcasm comes to play.

4. The one where ‘I wanna eat you up’ is taken literally.

5. The ‘what just happened?’ one.

6. The one with confusion.

7. The one which turns into a disaster.

8. The one where they come prepared.

9. The one about seizing the moment.

10. The one that makes them sneak away.

11. The one with the little boy and the little girl.

12. The awkward one.

13. The one with the young-at-heart ones.

14. The Kiss prank.

15. The one with a tight slap.

16. But then it ends on a happy note.

17. The one with the horny lion.

18. Another kiss to piss one.

19. The ‘serves him right’ one.

20. The perfect revenge.

21. ‘The ‘better treat your girl right or someone else will’ one.

22. The ‘gross him out yet he still loves you’ one.

23. The IDGAF one

24. Another sneaky one.

25. The one with the air kisses

26. The ‘can it get more awkward?’ one.

27. The one with the goat.

28. And just one adorable Kiss Cam moment with President Obama.

Which one of these is your favorite Kiss Cam moment? Tell us in the comments below!

Credit: All the GIFs have been sourced from GIPFY

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