5 Types of Laptop Bags You Need To Get Your Hands On

Types of laptop bags
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Offering varying levels of protection, the different types of laptop bags that flood the market today, have their own pros and cons. To make selecting your next laptop bag easier, here we give you a lowdown on 5 of the most popular types of laptop bags.

  1. Laptop Backpacks

The highly efficient ergonomic design of these laptop bags makes them extremely popular with everyone from the college crowd to the corporate brood. These bags usually have a padded compartment dedicated to keeping the laptop in the upright position. Moreover, the laptop can be either buckled or fastened to hold it in place.

types of laptop bags
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Advantages of Laptop backpacks

(i) Provide a high amount of protection to your laptop

(ii) Make it easy for you to carry your laptop around

(iii) Divide the weight of your laptop on both your shoulders equally

(iv) Prevent you from straining your shoulder, arm or hands

(v) Usually, these bags have several other compartments and slots, where you can fit your laptop accessories and other items easily

  1. Laptop Sling bags: These are generally padded and offer a good amount of laptop protection. However, if you commute in a bus or metro, especially during rush hour, it would be ideal for you to forgo this bag as there could be a risk of someone or something bumping against your laptop bag.
Types of laptop bags
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types of laptop bags
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However, to avoid this, you can also hold this laptop bag close to your body while letting some of its weight rest on your shoulders.

Advantages of Laptop Sling bags

(i) Allows you to be hands-free while also letting you keep a direct eye on your laptop at all times.

(ii) You can adjust the position of the sling to let your laptop fall on one side or in the front

  1. Laptop Tote bags: These bags are mostly preferred by women as they resemble a large-sized ladies tote bag. The prime disadvantage with these bags is that they usually have a single compartment where you must fit your laptop, its charger, and accessories.
types of laptop bags
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Also, these bags can put too much strain on your shoulders so you must keep alternating it between your left and right sides to avoid putting all the strain on one shoulder. Even if this bag seems like just any other tote bag, refrain from using it to put other things, especially a water bottle and a deodorant spray.

Advantages of Laptop Tote bags

(i) These bags can be easily styled with several different ensembles and give you a ladylike vibe while you are lugging around your laptop.

(ii) If you a have a small-sized laptop or a notebook then these bags are ideal for the purpose.

  1. Laptop Messenger bag

These bags come under the category of most stylish laptop bags and are most frequently carried to a workplace due to the elegant look they portray. Structurally these bags have two handle bars and are shaped like a rectangular bag with a zipped compartment to keep your laptop.

Types of laptop bags
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Usually, a laptop messenger bag also has smaller Velcro or zippered slots to keep laptop accessories as well as few other items like stationery, standard lunch boxes, water bottle etc. Most of the times, these bags also come with a detachable shoulder strap in which case they can be slung across your shoulders and used as a sling bag. When carrying these bags, it is always best to keep switching between the hands to avoid straining one hand too much.

Advantages of Laptop Messenger Bags

(i) Look classy to carry

(ii) Are available in a great many chic designs

(iii) Offer a good amount of protection to your laptop. The leather bags from this category can be stylishly carried off with formal wear.

(iv) Can be stylishly carried off with formal wear and are great for carrying your laptop to office

  1. Laptop sleeve

Also known as a portfolio bag, the laptop sleeves are good enough for keeping your laptop stowed away in your house when not in use. Unlike the other laptop bags, you laptop need not be held in an upright position in this bag and can be kept in its usual horizontal manner. However, the biggest downside of a laptop sleeve is that it does not offer as much protection to your laptop as compared to other types of bags.

types of laptop bags
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Some people use a laptop sleeve before they put their laptop in a bigger, sturdier bag to increase its protection level. For those who work from home and need to move their laptop only within their home, a laptop sleeve can be a good option. In no case, should you take your laptop outdoors in your laptop sleeve. Since it is a form-fitting laptop cover, it does not provide much protection to your laptop due to which your laptop can easily develop scratches. However, while buying a laptop sleeve the most important thing you must remember is that you must buy something which fits your laptop perfectly. For this, you must check the dimensions of the laptop sleeves before you make a purchase. A loosely fitting laptop sleeve will cause more damage to your laptop if it falls out of your hand as your laptop will accelerate inside the sleeve and will then hit the ground with a greater force.

Advantages of Laptop Sleeves

(i) Are much lighter than the other types of bags

(ii) Are much more lower-priced as compared to other laptop bags, so they make for a bargain buy.

(iii) Are usually available in a riot of colours, prints, and designs which make them much more visually appealing as compared to the other types of bags.

Now that you know about these five popular types of laptop bags and their advantages, which one of these would you be buying? Let us know in the comments below!



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