7 Stylish Ways To Wear a Scarf

How to wrap a scarf
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Scarves are possibly the simplest, easiest and chicest way to dress up an outfit. Nonetheless, as simple as this cloth-accessory may seem, it can be wrapped up in multiple ways to create entirely different effects. Check out these 7 neck scarf wrapping techniques that will keep you in good stead.

1. The modern one loop: This is possibly the easiest, no-fuss ways to wear a scarf and quite understandably one of the most popular ways to do so.

How to make it: You should use an oblong or rectangular-shaped scarf (or divide a large square-shaped one into a rectangle) for making this loop. Start by draping the scarf around your shoulders with the two ends falling in front. Now take one end and simply take it around your neck to get the modern one loop scarf-wrap (for stability you can tuck this end in the loop before you let it hang). Fluff up your scarf and make the falling lengths of the two ends equal.

Key pointer: This wrapping technique can be tried with almost any scarf material and looks great on round-neck T-shirts and with outerwear like jackets and coats.

2. Wrap and Tie: For those who do not like strips of clothing dangling on their sides, this scarf-wrap style is a chic alternative.

How to make it: Pull your scarf (rectangle-shape) around the nape of your neck, making one side longer than the other. Hold the longer side and take it around your neck (like the regular one loop) to make both the ends equal. Then tie the two ends and fluff up the loop a bit.

Key pointers: This style creates additional volume at your top section and is a practical wrapping technique during colder months as it offers more protection from the nippy air.  During summers you can use this wrapping style for balancing your body proportions if you have a pear-shaped body or if you simply wish to add volume to your top section.

3. Ascot Wrap: This is a classic wrap style which originated in Eastern Europe in the 17th century and became widely popular among the fine-bred, aristocratic circles back then. The best feature of this scarf wrapping style is that it lends a professional vibe to any outfit it adorns.

How to make it: Take a long rectangular scarf and let the middle of the scarf sit at the back of your neck. Cross the two hanging ends to get an ‘X’ shape. Now holding the tip of one end, pull it under and then over the junction of ‘X’. Pull up the same end close to your neck to resemble a knot. Spruce up this look by draping it over the other end, spreading it out and fluffing it up.

Key pointers: The Ascot wrap gives neck-tie like appearance which can be used to dress up an open jacket or a turtle-neck jumper.

4. Shoulder Duster: With visual connotations of an adventure-laden, seafaring lifestyle, the shoulder duster wrap can glam up any boat-neck top or collarless dress of yours. To break it down, this wrapping technique can be seen simply as a classic drape with loose ends knotted together in the front.

How to make it: For this style, you need a rectangular-shaped scarf (or a regular square-shaped one folded in half diagonally). Pull it up on the nape of your neck and let the pointed end fall on your back. Now tie the two loose ends together in a double knot. Once completed, your scarf will seem to be just falling off your shoulders.

Key pointer: This style looks especially flattering on those with short necks or small faces as it balances out their proportions.

5. The infinity loop: The infinity loop is such a popular style that now you get ready-made circular scarves which only need to be twisted to get ‘8’. 

How to make it: To don this distinctive style, use a long scarf and drape it over your shoulders so that both the ends are equidistant. Now tie the tips of these two ends twice with an overhand knot to secure it well. Hanging from your neck, your scarf at this point resembles the letter ‘O’. Now twist your scarf so it resembles ‘8’ (upturned symbol for infinity, hence the name) and drape the bottom loop of ‘8’ over your head.


Key pointer: This style bulks up your top portion and woollen or cashmere scarves draped in this style act as an excellent wind-stopper.

6. The turtleneck: From keeping your neck warm in the winters to accentuating its beauty, the turtleneck wrap does it all.

How to make it: Take an oblong scarf and put it around your neck by keeping one end longer (5X times) than the other. Loop the longer end around your neck in the same direction till it becomes the same size as that of the shorter end. Now you can knot together these two ends and tuck the knot under the loop so that no excess fabric shows. Finally, adjust the loop to your comfort.

Key pointer: For women, this wrapping technique will give a choker necklace like appearance when paired with off-shoulder dresses while for men this style will give a dressy appearance when paired with high-collared jackets.

7. French knot: Also called as a Parisian scarf knot, Slip Knot, and French knot, this wrapping style is simple to execute but high on elegance. There’s something about this wrapping style that spells summers in big bold glittering letters.

How to make it: Take a square-shaped scarf and fold it in half to get a rectangular shape. Then again fold this rectangle into half and keep doing so till you get a thin strip of scarf with the same length but much-reduced width. Now take the middle section of this folded scarf and put it on the front of your neck with the ends falling on your back. Bring the ends to the front by crossing them to either side of your neck. Now tie a knot on one side of your neck and adjust it to your liking.

Key pointer: Men can choose to keep the knot in the front to add dressiness of a neck-tie to their casual ensemble while women can go for this drape with floral summery dresses, languid maxi gowns, and of course bikinis!

 Which of these scarf wrapping techniques is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!


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