7 Things That Happened When I Changed My Name On Facebook

Facebook name change
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Some time ago, as a random experiment, I changed my name on Facebook to Uperna Ghild from Aparna Ghildiyal. While doing so, I completely overlooked the warning Facebook gave me about NOT being able to change back my name for 60 days.

But I was in my ‘Just Do It’ mode. I threw Facebook’s caution to the wind, jumped in head first, and came out as Uperna Ghild. And here are those 7 hilarious/insightful/informative experiences I had as a result:

1. ‘What’s in a name?’ Say the Facebook pervs

Facebook Message

Despite my stereotypical feminine flaw of trying to fish for compliments whenever possible, I’m totally not in favour of random strangers writing cliché praise statements to me. (Didja really think my name is Uperna??) Oh and I received this message when the pic below was my DP.

Aparna Ghildiyal

2.I Heard a Lot From Friends on my Name Change

This was especially the case since I changed my name without keeping my close friends in the loop. I guess the six letters of Aparna look way prettier together than those of Uperna. My bestie was irritated at my name change and so were a few other people who found it weird.


Facebook name change

And I did come up with an explanation for my new name.


3. I Became Fresh Meat For Trolls

I’m not talking about the strangers here but the ones who are in your own friend list. One of them cautioned me to spell my name carefully or it could be mistaken for that of a boy.

Facebook name change

The same troll asked me in the next comment when I had my surgery. I deleted that comment. *major eye roll*

4.My Mom Was Informed

name on facebook

Mom radar is always on, I tell you.

Also, more Facebook friends came out in the open regarding my ‘strange new name’

name on facebook

5. I Was Pissed

I just changed my Facebook name, why is it such a big deal anyway?

6. I Learned To Change My Name Back Before 30 Days

Unable to take the confusion I caused and the trolling I received, I placed a request on Facebook to change back my name. As part of the request, I had to the send an ID proof and type down an explanation to Facebook.

And Facebook responded!

name on facebook

And it was a hallelujah moment!

name on facebook

name on facebook


Those 20 odd days as Uperna Ghild on Facebook were quite eventful, must say. Prior to this, I was kinda awed by people with embellished names like ‘$**Warrior**$$Princess$$**’ ~~cat lover forever~~~ and some such but I guess I have recovered now.

7. Being Strategic is Key When You Want To Change Your Brand Image  

In my 20-something years, the name Aparna Ghildiyal has been a part of my personal brand image which Uperna Ghild, a never-before-seen, and a hard-to-understand name will never be able to replace. So never be drastic in changing your brand image. And if you’d like a 360 change in your brand image, it should be done only through a gradual, strategic process.

Aparna Ghildiyal, going long and strong since then butttttttttt… 🙂

Sometimes I feel Aparna Ghild sounds better, what do you think? Tell me in the comments below! 😉

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