7 Types of Caps That Your Closet Must Have

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A cap is not just for protecting your head from the elements but also for adding an extra dimension of style to your ensemble. Since there are more than 50 styles available the world over, it is important to know some of the most popular types of caps that you can choose from:

1. Baseball caps: Generally made of cotton, this cap was originally made for the American baseball players so they could keep the sun out while playing on the field. With a history dating back to 1860s, the baseball cap is one of the most fashionable yet practical caps which is popular the world over. Structurally, this cap has a raised and rounded crown with a stiff peak projecting in front. The front part of the cap typically contains designs or logos of sports teams, varsity or manufacturing brands while the back has an adjustable strap.  Snapbacks and truckers are two popular spin-offs of the baseball caps.

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TIP: If you have hair long enough for a ponytail, you can let it fall above the adjustable strap of your baseball cap for a chic look.

2. Visor caps: Also known as a sports visor, this cap can be seen as a crownless version of the baseball cap. Basically, these caps have a visor (stiff peak projection) with a strap which goes around the head. The visor can be convex or flat in shape and can be adjusted by the wearer to fit snug while running, training or playing outdoor sports. Since the top of the head is not covered hence this cap offers much more ventilation than a baseball cap but offers sun-protection only to the face. Since the strap of this cap sits snugly around the head, it prevents sweat from trickling in your eyes.

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TIP: Try and wear this cap only in sporty settings.

3. Beanie: A beanie is a brimless cap which sits close to the head and hence also called a skullcap. When it is made of wool or other thick and warm fabrics, it becomes must-have as a winter cap. The best part about a beanie is that it can be worn with literally any hairstyle and looks good on almost all the face shapes.

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TIP: To avoid looking childish in this cap, shy away from bright colours and stick to the neutrals.

4. Balaclava: Monkey cap may be the commonly used nickname for this cap but don’t be fooled by this apparent tease of a name. One of the best caps for winters, your balaclava not just keeps your head warm but also your face and neck. This soft cap fits snugly around your head and is designed to expose only a part of your face. However, you can also fold and adjust this cap to cover varying parts of your face, neck, and head. Due to the high amount of winter protection these caps offer, they are used by everyone from the Himalayan military troops to the United States Marine Corps.

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TIP: Use this cap to hide everything from a bad hair to an acne outburst.

5. Beret: Touted as a French fashion icon, a beret cap is a serious style buy for anyone wishing to refresh their wardrobes. Being one heck of a versatile cap, the beret goes as well with your dressier outfits as it goes with your jeans. Structurally, this cap feels soft, has a flat and round crown and is made up of materials like wool, crocheted cotton or acrylic fibre. One of the unique features of this cap is that it has just the right amount of structure to give a sophisticated, laid-back style to the wearer. Moreover, you can always use this cap to hide a bad hair day or a bald hair patch.

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TIP: A short bob always looks great with beret.

6. Shower caps: Whether you have dyed your hair or oiled it, a shower cap is necessary to save your bedsheets and clothes from those hard-to-remove stains. And yes, the most straightforward use of a shower cap is when you are in the shower and do not want your hair to get damp. Since your shower cap is absolutely for a practical reason and will be used only when no one’s around, you can buy any style or colour you like without much fuss. To serve their namesake purpose, these caps are usually made of a waterproof material like plastic and nylon.

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TIP: Get these caps in pretty colours and cool designs for fun times under the shower.

7. Swim caps: Apart from the several reasons why you must wear a swim cap, the simplest one is that these caps protect your hair every time you take a dip in that chlorinated swimming pool. Swim caps are made up of waterproof and skin tight fit material like silicone or latex. These caps frequently come with branding in the front or back. Originally made from rubber, the production of swim caps began with the invention of rubber in the early 188os.

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TIP: Before wearing this cap, you must either tie your hair in a bun or bunch it up so that this tight-fitting cap covers it all.

Snag the perfect cap for yourself next time and every time with this guide to the most popular caps! If you have any other favourites to add to this list, do let us know in the comments below!



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