8 Things You Must Know Before You Buy Jewelry For Kids

How to buy jewelry for kids
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If you have ever seen your child poring over your jewels or trying them out, you know how endearing it is to watch them do so. 🙂

How to buy Jewelry for Kids
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If you think now is the time to delight your little one with jewelry, keep these 8 things in mind before you buy trinkets for your child:

  1. Cheap is Never Good When it Comes to Kids’ Jewelry
How to buy jewelry for kids
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Poor-quality jewelry may contain hazardous substances like lead, chromium, nickel, brominated flame retardants, chlorine, mercury, arsenic, and many others which can cause allergies, act as hormone disrupters, and are even carcinogenic in nature. Good quality always comes at a price and you must never settle for anything less than the best when it comes to buying jewelry for children. To ensure you get more bang for your buck, shop from reputed jewelry brands.

  1. Consider Your Child’s Personality and Age
How to buy Jewelry for Kids
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A child who still mouths jewelry should not be given smaller pieces of jewelry like rings or pendants. Moreover, if your child reminds you of the ‘Clumsy Smurf’, it would be best to limit the child’s jewelry to a pretty pair of stud earrings and nothing more.

How to Shop for Jewelry for Kids
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As a general rule, keep jewelry to the minimum for a child younger than 5 years as children in this age group are usually fussy about wearing jewelry.  A relatively sober or an older child of 6 years or more can be indulged with neck chains, bracelets and other types of jewelry. For an active child, go for a few and small-sized pieces of jewelry so the jewels do not come in the way of your child’s play. And as a cautionary measure, ensure that your child is not wearing jewelry during playtime.

  1. Adjustable Chains for Necklaces
How to buy Jewelry for Kids
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Always go for adjustable chains for necklaces as they not only offer more styling options but can also be adjusted easily to your child’s preferences. Your little one can wear the same necklace as choker, princess, opera, matinee or lariat style. Also, since your child is at a growing age, an adjustable necklace chain would ensure that the necklace is used for a longer time.

  1. Bracelets or Bangles? Weigh Your Options
How to buy Jewelry for Kids

Kids tend to love charm bracelets more because of the fun little figures hanging from them and also because of the soft jingling sound these bracelets make. However, a bangle is much easier for a child to remove on their own. So if you are dressing up your little angel for a party, and they tend to get fidgety with jewelry, go for a bracelet as your child would need assistance in removing it.

Choosing between a bangle and a bracelet should also depend on the clothes that your child is wearing on a given day. A bracelet has a higher probability of getting stuck in clothes made of Georgette, chiffon or net or with embellishments and bangles would be a better option then.

  1. Suitability to Child’s Wardrobe

Brightly colored kids’ jewelry with Disney-inspired designs or with other cute motifs easily go well with most of the casual outfits. Nonetheless, for special ethnic or party occasions, the jewelry must suit your child’s outfit. In any case, try not to deck up your child in heavy jewelry that feels restrictive to them. Instead you can opt for simpler, smaller jewels with stone work, pearls or silver or gold accents.

  1. Tight Fastenings for Earrings
How to Buy Jewelry for Kids
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The earrings for your child must stay put even if the child fiddles with them. So steer clear of fish hook earrings as they are easy to remove and hence, easy to lose. Instead look out for screw-backs, push-backs, latch-backs and lever-backs earring clasps for your child.

  1. No Spiky Ends on the Jewelry
How to buy Jewelry for Kids
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Never buy jewellery with sharp or pointy edges as it can hurt your child or get stuck in his/her clothes, causing him/her trouble in untangling it. Always go for jewelry with blunt or rounded ends and smooth feel.

Also, if your child is wearing heavily embellished clothes, make sure that the jewelry does not come in contact with the clothes – which mean necklaces which stop short of the neckline and earrings that stop short of the shoulders. In this case, it would be preferable to go for bangles instead of bracelets as the latter has chains which can get stuck in the thread-work or sequins of the clothes.

  1. Material of the Jewelry:

The material of the jewelry will decide how child-friendly and long-lasting the jewels would be. However pretty they may look, stay away from glass jewelry for your child as this kind of jewelry breaks easily and its broken pieces can end up hurting your child. Some kids can be allergic to certain metals especially chromium and nickel so if you notice a skin rash or discoloration when your child wears new jewels for the first time then it is best to discontinue using this jewelry.

Sterling silver is one of the most popular materials used to make kids’ jewelry because of its non-reactive and non-allergic nature. High grade plastic, wooden beads and nylon are other good choices to go for when you buy kids’ jewelry.

Buying jewelry made of expensive materials like gold, platinum and diamond is usually not a good option for kids as it increases the chances of theft and becomes a greater monetary blow if the child loses them.


Hope these tips help you in picking appropriate jewellery for your child. We would love to know about your experience with buying kids’ jewellery or your suggestions for the same so let us know in the comments below!


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