8 Tips to Place an Order at a Restaurant Quickly

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Whether in career, or relationships, whenever we have too many choices, it always becomes hard to take a decision. And selecting what to eat from a restaurant menu in a quick manner can be a mind-boggling matter for the best of us.

Here are 8 tips that can make this task a tad easier for you. Some of these may seem like a complete no-brainer but hey, sometimes it’s good to include the basics, especially when you’re really hangry 😉

    1.      Know Thyself

Don’t let the big fat menu book overwhelm you. Vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians can clearly demarcate their sections mentally. Allow the green and red symbols to be your guide. So now, lesser things to look at = more mental clarity.

    1.     How Hungry Are You?

Many times, the reason why we’re in a restaurant is for socializing. We may or may not be hungry. Do ask yourself this question before ordering and accordingly go for a starter, side dish or main course.

    1.     Food You Like/Dislike or Are Allergic To

If you see a dish you love on the menu, it makes the choice super-easy. Just pick it up and skip the rest 🙂

On the same note, don’t be mentally bullied into selecting a dish that you wouldn’t exactly enjoy eating. For example, those who are partly and ideologically vegetarians feel a certain compulsion to order non-vegetarian dishes if their company is doing so. Please don’t.

And in the case of allergies, be sure of the ingredients before you place an order.

    1.     Special Tip for Dates and Business Meetings

Try not to order leafy salads on such occasions. These can get stuck in your teeth without your knowledge and can lead to embarrassment for you later on.  Same goes for any dish that uses mustard seeds – these tiny, little, dark spice balls have a bad reputation for getting wedged up in your teeth.

      1.     Cost of Food

The cost of the food may be a factor for some of us – so choose a filling dish that comes well within your budget. With the steep increase in prices of meals at most restaurants these days, try and strike the balance between the cost and the body of the food so you stay feeling fuller longer.

    1.     Size of the Serving

Sometimes, one dish can be enough for two or more people.  Ask the server about the serving size if it is not mentioned in the menu. Then order accordingly because who likes to waste food anyway? Moreover, now you can consult more people about the order and take the pressure off yourself.

    1.     Consider How Often You Eat Out

If you don’t eat out so often, try something new, maybe even let the waiter surprise you. Even if you’re a regular, it never hurts to go for the exciting, new, difficult-to-pronounce dishes on the menu, every once in awhile.

    1.    Consider Your Company

This could be on several levels. If you are eating out in an expensive restaurant with someone who is not as financially well-off as you, try and order dishes that match theirs in terms of the price. It may look patronizing in certain situations, so tread carefully here.

In India, certain Hindus and Jains are vegetarians on religious grounds and may not exactly savor of sight of someone else eating non-vegetarian food in front of them – so be a little considerate while selecting your dish in front of them. It’s a good idea to directly check if they’d be comfortable with you eating meat in front of them. 

Similarly, your Muslim and Hindu friends may not be comfortable if you order pork or beef dishes respectively when eating out with them. It’s a good idea to casually check this one with them or to avoid it altogether.

Hope this made your selection a little easy! 🙂 Do you have more tips to add to this list? Do let us know in the comments below!


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