OMG! These Photographs Are Not Actually Photographs

hyperrealistic paintings
PC: Noughties Girl by Philip Muñoz

Aren’t things almost always much different than how they seem to be? For instance, check out these artworks by Philip Muñoz.

hyperealistic paintings
PC: Sarah by Philip Muñoz

Such stunning photographs right?

hyperealistic paintings
Illusion of beauty by Philip Muñoz

This well-captured model from ‘illusion of beauty’ seems to be peering straight into your soul.

hyperealistic paintings
PC: Kadi by Philip Muñoz

But like the headline mentioned, these are not even photographs!

These are in fact <gasps> paintings,

hyperealistic paintings!

How could that be, you think? My mind is still not ready to accept these gorgeous works of art as paintings. All I can wonder is how can anyone be as talented as this.

hyperealistic paintings
PC: Katy by Philip Muñoz

What’s the secret? How is this even possible, my mind’s got several questions.

hyperealistic paintings
PC: Jess by Philip Muñoz

As a self-taught painter with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Bristol, Philip finds interest in the idea of beauty through transformation and the concept of the contemporary sublime.

hyperealistic paintings
PC: Conflict of Desire by Philip Muñoz
These paintings by Philip Muñoz are from one of his recent sets of paintings. The whole idea was to showcase today’s rebellious youth through it and to explore the role of glamor in defining social identity.
hyperealistic paintings
These paintings focus on the social identity in the modern setting.. PC: Claire by Philip Muñoz

The models he’s used for these paintings are all young, fashionable, tattooed and rebellious. Moreover, the models come with a carefree, and provocative attitude on their own.

hyperealistic paintings
PC: Girl with red hair by Philip Muñoz

In fact, Philip dedicates this collection to “vibrant and youthful, care-free characters I see every day outside the doors of my studio.”

hyperealistic paintings
PC: Philip Muñoz

Muñoz attributes the colorful city of Bristol where he lives, as the fuel behind his desire to paint and as a provider of an endless stream of inspiration.

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