Aviator Sunglasses: Say Yes to Being a Fashion Pilot!

PC: Top Gun movie

You can always count on your trusty aviators to take a day look from drab to fab.

Aviator sunglasses fashion
PC: carolyncollado.com

A fashion staple, the aviator sunglasses have been wooing the fashion and non-fashion crowds alike for a while now.

Aviators on Hollywood celebrities
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And we definitely can’t underplay the role Hollywood’s blockbuster movie, Top Gun, played in turning aviators into an overnight fashion sensation.

PC: Top Gun movie
PC: Top Gun movie

Due to their tear-drop shape, aviators cover 1.5x to 2x of the eye socket and give a good amount of coverage.

Parts of an aviator sunglasses
Parts of an aviator sunglasses PC: sunglasswarehouse.com

But the best part is,

Aviators Go With EVERYTHING!

From a biker chic ensemble to a vibrant desi wedding avatar, aviators can be styled for any occasion or outfit. For a go-to pair, get yourself a classic black style with a gold rim.

Tips to style aviators
Gul Panag’s wedding PC:IBNLive

Fun Times at the Beach 

Nothing beats mirrored aviators as the eyewear option for the beach or poolside shenanigans!

Mirrored aviators for the beach
PC: Instagram/@HaileyBaldwin

What’s more, mirrored aviators have been trending for a while now and don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. So ladies and gentlemen, make sure you have one of these babies for the beach and beyond.

Mirrored aviators for men
PC: Hapuka.com

A Little Trivia Now…

Designed by Ray Ban (a subsidiary of Bausch & Lomb) in 1936 for US pilots entering World War II, this distinctive style became so popular that it was released for the general public and then copied for mass production. What’s interesting is that even after 80 years, these sunglasses are still going strong. If you’re interested to know more about the history of aviators, you can check out this video below!

Oh and we would sign off with a word of caution here,

Always Buy Original Aviators

When it comes to buying aviators or even sunglasses in general, never compromise on the quality – always go for the best brands, even if it means spending a little more. A poor quality product will give you little to no sun protection and can even lead to eye damage. This video will show you how you can spot fake RayBans.


Planning to buy aviators? Which are the brands you’ll prefer? Tell us in the comments below!


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