5 Weight-loss Myths, My Personal Experience Busted for Me

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Losing more than 55 pounds has not just been a change at the physical level for me. It has taught me a lot about myself and even helped me grow as a person. Here are 5 myths I believed in before I dropped off those extra pounds: 

  1. Detox Means Liquid or Semi-liquid Diet

Once I started working with my health coach, I was first started off on a detox diet. It was nothing short of a surprise for me to note that I could eat a variety of fruits, berries, sweet potatoes and even meats during my cleanse.

Detox is so much more than liquids and semi-liquids. PC: Doctoroz.com
Detox is so much more than liquids and semi-liquids. PC: Doctoroz.com
  1. Eating Healthy is Expensive:

The biggest misconception I had was that eating healthy would be expensive and just wouldn’t fit in my budget. However, after beginning this weight-loss journey, I realized that once I purged the sugars and really began eating the way I should have been, I did not need the amount of food I once did.

Eating right is not expensive. PC: Mamabee
Eating right is not expensive. PC: Mamabee

No doubt, fresh fruits, and vegetables, as well as, the lean meats, often cost much more than the junk foods and high fat meats.  But the irony is that we are putting in much more food than our bodies’ need, but still not being satisfied or often filled! Once you begin eating right you do not have to buy as much food, yet you will be purchasing better quality food.

  1. Weight Issues Are Because of _____ (insert something beyond your control)

I have Multiple Sclerosis and for the longest time (14 years to be precise), I blamed this disabling disease and its medication for my overweight body.

PC: PVXlife
PC: PVXlife

However, once I firmly decided to do something about my weight and took action on it, I ended up losing more than 55 pounds and continue to lose more each month.

It’s only in very rare medical conditions where your weight issues are beyond your control. In most cases, losing weight is almost always under your control.

  1. If I Can’t Exercise, I Can’t Lose Weight:

Diet makes up a major part of weight loss regime. In fact, after, all that healthy eating during my weight-loss program, I actually wanted to exercise at the end of the day!  So don’t lose hope if you’re not able to exercise much – choose nutrient-rich and low-fat food every time and you will see those pounds dropping off surely.

PC: Theodysseyonline.com
PC: Theodysseyonline.com
  1. Losing Weight is a One-time Goal

My weight-loss journey changed me for the better, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Healthy eating habits that I picked up from my weight-loss program are now a way of life for me.

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PC: pcadvisor.com

I think for any kind of weight-loss to be sustainable, it should not be made into a one-time goal but rather something that needs to be embraced for life.

Are you trying to lose weight? What are your tips, or suggestions to lose weight in a healthy manner? Share your weight-loss journey with me in the comments below!



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Tammy lives joyfully with Multiple Sclerosis. She loves the opportunity to try something new and although most would not consider her a risk taker, as a business owner, she finds that she is taking more and more risks in order to stretch herself and her business. She is a Pastor’s Wife, Mother of three grown children, one daughter-in-law and ‘Noni’ to her little granddaughter, Claire. She is also known as President and Founder of Tammy’s Office Solutions, providing excellent virtual services, while empowering disabled professionals to work. She enjoys spending time with family, writing, scrapbooking, teaching & doing spiritual Bible studies.

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