Don’t Say Sorry….When You Want To Say Thank You

Don't Say Sorry When you Want to Say Thank You

I used to have a compelling need to apologize for everything (to some extent I still do). It was like I was in some sort of a competition for the title of the most polite person in the world and I was winning it.

Sorry, I am late. Sorry, I forgot. Sorry, I can’t make it. Sorry, for taking up your time. Sorry, for boring you. Sorry, for bothering you. Sorry, for not meeting your expectations. Sorry, for letting you down. Sorry, for my messy room. Sorry, but can you please do me a favor? 

I could smother someone with my apologies and eventually, I sensed how uncomfortable it made other people. In fact, it made me uncomfortable too, when someone apologized to me over minor issues.

So I was amazed to find these insightful comics by New York Based artist, Yao Xiao who makes this exact point through her comics, If you want to say ‘thank you’, don’t say ‘sorry’.

Replacing ‘sorry’ with ‘thank you’, wow, how?

“Apologizing for being present/being vulnerable and open was something I used to do,” Xiao told indy100. “Acknowledging that you appreciate someone who cared for you is a very nice thing to do and makes both parties feel great.”

Don't say sorry when you want to say thank you

Part of her ongoing series called Baopu, these viral comics were shared on her website and social channels.

Don't say sorry when you want to say thank you

Though it was supposed to be her personal project, but the universal appeal of these comics brought them viral fame quickly enough.


Did you notice how beautiful the interaction becomes once ‘sorry’ turns to ‘thank you’?

Don't say sorry when you want to say thank you

Even when you’re on the other side of the conversation, you would feel better too, hearing a ‘thank you’ rather than a ‘sorry’.

Don't say sorry when you want to say thank you

Studies have shown that women tend to apologize more than men, especially in the workplace. This self-depreciating attitude certainly doesn’t help and in fact, Google has even created a plug-in named Just Not Sorry, to keep people, particularly women from writing apologetic emails.


Do check out Yao Xiao’s work on her website and the rest of her series!


Isn’t it amazing how by replacing just a word in a sentence we can uplift the entire situation, while still being polite and kind? 🙂

Did these comics help you? Don’t forget to share them with other compulsive sorry-sayers you know! 🙂

Image Credit: Yao Ziao


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