How to do Eye makeup for Work

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A little eye makeup can go a long way to making you appear more put together. Scroll down for a subtle yet powerful eye makeup routine for office that you can smack on in 10 minutes flat.

  1. Clean your face: Wash your face with a cleanser and pat it dry with a soft towel. Make sure you remove all traces of the previous day’s makeup before you apply a fresh layer of powder and paint.
Clean your face
Clean your face thoroughly with water and moisturizing cleanser before putting on makeup. PC:

2. Moisturize the eye area: The skin around the eyes is especially delicate and prone to wrinkling. If you are fond of eye makeup, make sure you moisturize the eye area with an appropriate moisturizer twice daily and every time before you apply eye makeup.

Apply an eye cream
Apply an eye cream. PC:

Make sure the eye cream is fully absorbed before you move ahead.

3. Rub in a concealer: Once the moisturizer is sufficiently absorbed by the skin, use a good quality concealer to hide dark circles, spots or any discoloration around your eyes.

Eye concealer
Apply concealer before starting makeup. PC: wellandgood

4. Put on a primer: A primer is essential as it makes your eye shadow last longer. You can also get the effect of the primer by applying concealer followed by dabbing a little skin-toned powder over your eyes.


5. Apply a light eyeshadow: Use a pale eye shadow on your eyes and blend it well with an eyeshadow brush. A beige tone eye shadow is one of the most conservative shades and is appropriate for most workplaces.

PC: Sultrysuburbia
PC: Sultrysuburbia

6. Apply a brown eye shadow: You can use the same eyeshadow brush to put on a brown eyeshadow on your upper eyelids.

Apply a brown eye shadow
Apply a brown eye-shadow over the beige one. PC: SignatureSeries YT channel

7. Use eyeliner: If using the eyeliner gives you heebie-jeebies, trust me, all it takes is a little practice. Beginners can get the perfect sweep by making dots all along the crease of their upper eyelid and then connect these to get a smooth line. You can go for a thin line for a conservative workplace and play up with a soft cat eye or winged liner for more relaxed ones.

Neatly apply eye-liner following your lower waterline and uppe eye crease. PC: Revealmystyle
Neatly apply eye-liner following your lower waterline and uppe eye crease. PC: Revealmystyle

8. Highlight your eyebrows: Lush eyebrows infuse an instant dose of power and glamour to your face. You can fill in your eyebrows using a brown eye pencil or with a slanted eyebrow definer brush.

Fill in your eye brows
PC: Brunette Beauty Blogger. YT channel

9. Curl your lashes and apply mascara: Use an eye-lash curler to curl your lashes followed by application of mascara.

Curl your lashes before applying mascara. PC:
Curl your lashes before applying mascara. PC:

Avoid the clumping together of your eye-lashes by applying a good quality mascara in neat strokes. For a perfect day look, apply the mascara only to the top lashes.

And you’re done! 🙂

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