How To Style Kurtis For Office

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Versatile and silhouette flattering, a well-fitted kurti can be easily worn at most Indian workplaces. Nevertheless, styling kurtis for office is not as straight-forward as one might assume.

To give an aura of professionalism and power while donning a kurti at workplace here are 7 useful tips you must keep in mind.

style kurtis
Get Kurtis that fit you right and are neither too tight, nor too loose. PC: Myntra
  1. Get the perfect fit

This may seem like a no-brainer but many of us frequently end up choosing loose-fitting, free-size kurtis that does not favour our frame. As much as possible, get your kurtis tailored or altered to your size. However, if you’re on the heavier side, then based on your comfort level you could opt for a slightly relaxed fit.

Style kurtis
Choose the length of your kurti according to your height. PC: Myntra
  1. Length matters

A thigh-grazing kurti or longer is your best bet for work. Then again, a kurti longer than your knees does not look flattering on most women. A thumb rule is to go for a thigh-level kurti if you are of a petite frame (5 ‘2 or less) and a slightly longer one (up to knee level) if you are taller.


Style kurtis
Monochromes with small prints/embellishments look sophisticated. PC: Myntra
  1. Monochromes and small prints look sophisticated

Kurtis in a monochromatic shade, especially in darker colours cut a neat look and are quite easy to style. If you are choosing printed or embellished kurtis for office, go for ones with small prints/embellishments as these look much classier and even make you look slimmer.

Avoid kurtis that can make your inner wear visible.
Avoid kurtis that can make your inner wear visible.
  1. Avoid kurtis with a wide neck

A wide-neck kurti makes you prone to unsightly bra straps peeking out so try and give them a miss for work. However, if you can’t help it, ensure that you choose appropriate innerwear with it. Additionally you could get button-up straps stitched inside your kurti (over the shoulders) in which you can tuck in your bra straps.

Team your kurti with stylish palazzos
Team your kurti with stylish palazzos
  1. Coordinate your kurti with an appropriate bottom-wear

Apart from the usual leggings, you can team your kurti with a chic pair of cigarette trousers, body-hugging pencil skirt or even trendy palazzo. Wear this combo with a pair of spike heels and it is sure to add dollops of confidence to your stride (and those coveted extra inches to your height 😉 ).

Add a few understated pieces of jewelry to your office look.
Add a few understated pieces of jewelry to your office look.
  1. Accessories make a world of difference

Keep the jingly danglers, mojari flats and chunky bracelets at home. Aim for dramatic minimalism when wearing kurti to work. A sleek grey watch, a pair of pearl or diamond ear studs, and an elegant finger ring with a bright red pout will do the trick here.

Focus on buying good quality kurtis from reputed brands.
Focus on buying good quality kurtis from reputed brands.
  1. Quality over quantity

Always go for good quality kurtis from reputed brands instead of buying inexpensive ones off the street (tempting though they may be!). It is always better to have fewer pieces that look good than have several low quality ones.

These tips can serve as a ready checklist when wearing a kurti to office. If you have got any queries, suggestions or extra tips to add, do comment below! 🙂


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