Man Marries Pizza Because Love Between Humans Is ‘Too Complicated’

Man Marries Pizza
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Love is supposed to be blind, right? And when a 22-year-old Russian man realized his one true love for pepperoni pizza, he wasted no time in taking things to the next level.

Man marries pizza
The groom was presented with a marriage certificate on a clipboard by the restaurant staff. PC:

The unnamed man married his thin and crispy bride in a pizzeria after being turned down by the church.

man marries pizza
So much love: The groom expresses his great joy on being married to his long-time love.

Surrounded by the restaurant managers and chefs who acted as the witnesses to the ceremony, the groom took his wedding vows holding his veiled bride through the rites.

Well-wishers and staff at the restaurant congratulate the newlyweds and seem equally joyous at the ceremony. PC:

‘Love between two humans is a complicated wild thing,’ explains the groom. On the other hand, Pizza ‘would not reject you or betray you, and speaking quite frankly and sincerely, I love it.’

Man marries Pizza
Till death do us part: The groom toasts to a long and happy married life with his new wife. PC:

The restaurant staff even went a step further and presented the groom with a non-official marriage certificate on a clipboard.

Man marries Pizza
Just married: The groom shows off his newlywed status before taking his new wife home. PC:

The groom tried to get an official marriage certificate too but the skeptical Russian authorities refused to consider his unusual request.

"You may kiss the bride." PC:
“You may kiss the bride.” PC:

Details of what happened on the wedding night are not clear. However, we hear that the next morning’s breakfast was amazing! 🙂 Our best wishes to the new couple for a life full of love and joy! 🙂

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