Memories Forever: Poem for Those Who Loved And Lost Yet kept up Hope

memories forever
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During the course of life, we meet some really special people with whom we have beautiful memories. But circumstances and people change. Sometimes the time changes and we lose these people yet the memories remain. Being an army kid, I was used to shifting to new places every two years with my family something which meant making friends and then ‘losing’ them ever so often. So one day as I was sitting and pondering life, this poem just flowed out of me.


Like leaves floating in a lake,                                                                                                 Loved ones will drift away.                                                                                             Away, somewhere far and distant.                                                                                    But with me, their memories shall stay.

In the depth of my heart,                                                                                                     The laughter of their love will always be.                                                                               Like when you hear the sea shells,                                                                                  They echo the voice of the whispering sea.

As I know the rule – flowers wither,                                                                                     Leaving the tree with the fruits.                                                                                        And sky brightens up by the moon,                                                                                     While the sun is on its daily pursuits.

Loved ones may not be with me,                                                                                          But my heart has them treasured.                                                                                   And memories would continue to gladden me,                                                                     Till my own life would be measured.


I wrote this poem as a 15-year-old high schooler trying to cope up with making friends in a new city and a new school. The poem was submitted to in 2005 and once when I was randomly browsing the site, I saw that it had made it to the top ten international poems there in 2011. What’s more, this poem also helped me form serendipitous friendships – an American woman I met online over poetry discussions in 2005 and still am friends with till today to a student from my university in 2011 who didn’t know me at all but found this poem online and read it out during his farewell party. Later he sent me a friend request on Facebook.

Over the years, friends and family who’ve read it have found it meaningful and that gave me the necessary encouragement to share it here!

For me, the poignant style here and my teenage sense of detachment is what makes this little poem dear to me.

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