Proof that Homer Simpson Is the Biggest Food Addict Out There

Homer Simpson is a food addict - PC: Royalbaconsociety

The love for food is the most sincere of all, isn’t it? In fact, for most of us, the way to our hearts is through pampering our stomachs.

However, no matter how big a foodie you are or consider yourself, your love for food really can’t beat that of Homer Simpson’s, the protagonist from the animated American sitcom, The Simpsons. (okay so I know he’s an animated fictional character but still, there’s got to be some real-life inspiration behind him 😉 )

Check out these bunch of GIFs that prove that Homer is the biggest food addict out there! And yeah, if you show any of these signs, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below 🙂

  1. Donuts are his drugs.

2. The only game he loves to play.

3. Any place is good for a slice of pizza.

4. Or a cookie.

5. The only kind of mid-life crisis he has faced.

6. No can beat his speed of eating.

7. He can eat faster than everybody else.

8. And get hungry as quickly.

9. Homer’s plan of action to be the next POTUS.

10. Because this is how he rolls.

11. His main agenda in life? Making food theft a serious crime.

12. After all, food is the only thing that can make him cry.

13. And food is what makes his life interesting.

14. His secret fantasy 1.

15. His secret fantasy 2.

16. Homer’s favorite topic of discussion is food, of course!

17. He can daydream of it at all waking hours.

18. And can lose patience quickly because of it.

19. Heck, he can even love anyone dressed as his favorite food!

20. The smell of good food gives divine pleasure to him.

21. He sure knows how to get the best out of a party.

22. His food waste disposal skills are beyond exemplary.

23. His tummy’s got a mind of its own.

24. Last but not least, nothing is impossible for Homer when he wants his food.

Raise your hand if you’re craving food now 🙂 And before you go, don’t forget to share this post with other food lovers you know 😉


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