Raindrop Cake: The Coolest Dessert You’ll Bite Into

Raindrop cake
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If you’ve ever wondered how it would be to taste a fresh snowflake or a raindrop on your tongue, this unique dessert from Japan will just make that fantasy come true, and quite deliciously at that!

The Mizu Shingen Mochi Cake or the Raindrop cake as it is popularly called is a dessert so delicate that it dissolves away within just 30 minutes of being served.

rainbow cake
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According to Darren Wong, The creator of the Raindrop Cake, the cake reminds him of “that scene in A Bug’s Life where they drink water droplets off of leaves.”

What I personally find awesome is that this cake is vegan and uses less than 5 ingredients to make! Though the recipe of the cake is simple to follow but it may take a while to get it right. 

The Origins of the Cake

The Kinseiken Seika Company, a confectionery in Yamanashi, Japan is credited with the creation of this unique transparent cake. Originally, this dessert was made from the fresh water from the Japanse alps which was naturally so delicious that no other flavoring was needed.

rainbow cake
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Meaning of Mizu Shingen Mochi

The word Mizu in Japanese means ‘water’, while Mochi is a kind of dessert made with glutinous rice flour. Lastly, Shingen Mochi is a trademarked dessert made by the Kinseiken Seika Company.

How to Serve It

The cake on its own tastes like a refreshing raindrop and it is typically served with Kuromitsu (black sugar syrup) and Kinako (roasted soybean powder) to add more layers of flavors to it.

How does it taste?

Well, don’t let the innocuous looks of Mizu Mochi make you think that it tastes bland like water. The Kuromitsu (black sugar syrup) and Kinako (soybean powder) are the main components that lend it taste. However when bitten into, this jiggly and squishy cake instantly collapses into refreshing water in your mouth – giving you the feeling that you just had a giant raindrop.

Curious to try it out this hard-to-explain cake? Check out this recipe below!



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