Rangoli Designs For Diwali: Your Starter Info & Inspo Kit

rangoli designs for diwali

If you’re new to the Rangoli-making scene, here’s all the stuff you need or need to know before starting off on your kickass Rangoli for Diwali! 🙂

Purpose of Rangoli

Rangoli decoration during Diwali is symbolically considered an invitation to Goddess Lakshmi to visit our house. Since Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth and Luck, a beautiful Rangoli celebration in front of the house is considered a befitting welcome to the Goddess. We even draw small little feet from the entrance of the house to the pooja room (worship room) to show her arrival.

diwali designs for rangoli
Small feet of the Goddess Lakshmi drawn from the entrance of the house to the pooja room (worship room) to indicate her arrival. PC: ikolamdotcom

Another Diwali tradition is to give a deep clean to the house, and to whitewash and decorate it. And Rangoli forms a key part of the traditional Diwali decorations 🙂

How to Get Started With Rangoli 

(i) Choose an even floor, and mark the area you’re going to use. It would be nice to find a place which doesn’t block the walking area or the entrance of the house directly.

(ii) Sweep and swab this area.

(iii) Sketch a design on the floor with a piece of chalk. Once you’re happy with your design, you can start filling it in with colors.

Materials to fill in your Rangoli 

You can use a variety of colors to fill in your Rangoli – it’s just a time to unleash your creativity actually. Some of the most popular materials to fill in your Rangoli are:

(i) Colorful flowers and flower petals

(ii) Dyed sand

(iii) Rice stained with natural dyes like turmeric and/or vermilion

(iv) Shredded bits of sparkling paper

(v) Sequins and Beads

(vi) Lentils, and spices

Apart from the colors, lit diyas (earthen oil lamps) are placed at the corners of the Rangoli and at other strategic places within it.

Most Popular Rangoli Designs for Diwali

During Diwali, there are certain Rangoli patterns which are more popular than others. For example, Rangoli designs with diyas, flowers, swastika, and Ganesh patterns are especially popular.

Now it’s time to get some inspiration! Here are 10 Rangoli Designs for Diwali that are super easy to remake!

  1. Floral Rangoli Design Made of Flowers

rangoli designs for diwali

You can use at least flowers of 3 different colors and shredded leaves or grass for the green color.

2. Ganesha Design

rangoli designs for diwali

Using a mix of paan leaves, marigold flowers, powder colors, and sequins, this is one design that is easy-to-make yet pretty-to-see. If the Ganesha design looks too complicated, you can always go for a much more minimalistic one or even trace the Ganesha outline before filling it in.

3. Rangoli Ddesign with Diya or Earthen Oil Lamp

rangoli designs for diwali

Don’t let the intricate designs within the diya flummox you – you can use beads and sequins to make a pattern or even use little candles or diyas to fill it up.

4. Peacocks-in-love Design

rangoli designs for diwali

This lovely design will also ensure complete economy of color usage. However, if you like, you can fill in the outer designs with a greater variety of colors.

5. Rangoli Design for the Corners

rangoli designs for diwali

For when you have a space crunch, this Rangoli design can fit into any corner of the house and is also a great way to keep it out of the way of playful kids.

6. Rangoli Design with Devi

rangoli designs for diwali

To make things easier, you can use the outlines of this design and fill up the intricate lines inside with beads, or sequins.

7. Star-shaped Rangoli Design


A star within a star within a star design? Well, this simple design can actually give you quite a colorful Rangoli as an end-result.

8. Clay Rangoli Design

rangoli designs for diwali

Don’t have rangoli colors? No worries! You can still show your creativity with Play-Doh! And yeah, this is a pretty cool Rangoli if you have got curious toddlers out and about the house. And the best part is you can safely get the kids involved with the Rangoli-making!

9.Geometric Rangoli Design

rangoli designs for diwali

The best part about geometric designs are that they are so easy to make. Simply use objects to trace the lines or curves for the geometric shapes and then fill them in with vibrant colors!

10. Swastika Rangoli design made of flowers

rangoli designs for diwali

Swastika is the symbol of peace, prosperity, and happiness so this easy-peasy Rangoli design is also quite meaningful as well.

All geared up to make your own rangoli? Do share the links to your pictures in the comments below! 🙂

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