Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms With These 5 No-Gym Workouts

How to get rid of flabby arms

As a longtime flapper of batwings, I know the associated struggles all too well.

How to Get Rid of Flabby Arms
If you don’t wanna say goodbye to your batwings as yet, hope you make the best of them.

I have googled all sorts of diets, exercises, slimming creams, sauna belts, and even looked up information on arm lifts while shopping for blazers, shrugs, and half-sleeved tops to cover up in the meantime.

After trying a bunch of arm reduction techniques, my bingo arms are now an on and off feature in my life. And I’d like to believe that I know a thing or two about the efficacy, risks, and pros and cons of the various ways to get rid of your bingo arms.

However, tempting it may seem, I haven’t gotten to the surgery stage as yet. What I found really effective and non-invasive was, of course, the right combination of diet and exercise.

Diet control is really a no-brainer- just avoid fattening foods and eat in moderation. Doing the right kind of exercise to reduce your flabby arms, is I think slightly more complicated. Moreover, all batwings are not created equal. For all of our different kinds of flabby arms, we need different combinations of techniques but no matter which route you take, these 5 no-gym arm workouts will get you there faster.

1. Tracy Campoli’s Batwings Busting Workout Video

Tracy discusses at least 7 different types of arm movements which will take only about 6 minutes of your time each day but the results are spectacular. I personally loved the Egyptian arms exercise and the little arm circles movement. My arms really seem to be getting it on every time I try her routine.

2. Natalie Jills’ Best Tricep Exercises To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms

Forget about going to a gym or buying weights. For Natalie Jill’s tricep exercises, all you need is a yoga mat. And you use your own body weight to perform these triceps working moves. As asserted by Natalie, this is not an abs workout but a set of exercises for your triceps.

3. Blogpilates’ Quick Burn Arms Workout

With a combination of moves like shoulder pulses, triangle pushes, and back behinds, this arm workout regime can be packed in just under 7 minutes.

4. Popsugar Fitness’ 5-minute Arm Toning Without Weights

This workout consists of 6 different moves that can be taken care of in 5 minutes flat. (Isn’t it amazing how just putting in 5 minutes every day can make a huge difference to the way your arms look?)

5. Pilates for the People – 5 Min Arm Workout

Another quick little arm workout tutorial, this video by Andrea Palen shows you simple arm exercises that will work on your forearms. These arm-sculpting exercises are helpful in getting rid of your bingo wings and in toning your arms.

Are you ready to bust your batwings? Tell us which moves you’ll focus on in the comments below!

And yeah, batwings or not, you’re perfect, with or without them! Remember to love, and take care of yourself every day! <3


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