This Incredible Dog Gets Paid to Model Menswear

menswear dog

Dubbed as ‘The most Stylish Dog in the world‘, Bodhi, the Menswear dog became a viral sensation after being discovered on Instagram two years ago.

menswear dog
Bodhi strikes a pose in formal wear. PC: dailymaildotcom

Netting more than $15,000 per month through modeling gigs, this debonair dog makes more money than an average human.

And just so you know; Nike, ASOS, Barney’s, Polyvore, Saks, Ted Baker, Victornix Swiss Army, Bloomingdale’s and Salvatore Ferragamo are just some of the brands this 6-year-old Shiba Inu has modeled clothes and accessories for.

menswear dog
The Menswear dog endorsing Nike clothes through an Instagram post. PC: Instagram account of menswear dog

Menswear Dog: Rise to Stardom

Bodhi’s story is nothing short of a modern day fairy tale. It started off as a weekend hobby for Bodhi’s owners, Yena Kim and David Fung, before snowballing into a lucrative career for this fashionable critter.

“We were bored one Saturday afternoon so we dressed Bodhi up in serious menswear,” shares Miss Kim.

But what surprised them was how happy Bodhi was in men’s clothes. “He just lit up – he started posing for us,” adds Yena.

menswear dog
According to Ms. Kim, one of Bodhi’s owners, the menswear dog loves getting clicked in natural surroundings. PC:

They shared a few pictures of Bodhi on social media as a joke and received positive feedback. Encouraged by it, they decided to go bigger. And soon after they created a blog for Menswear Dog, the response was phenomenal. In fact, their blog was even featured on GQ magazine the very next day.

menswear dog
Cutting an icy cool image in a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. PC: Instagram of Menswear Dog

And then came the magic.

“Brands were asking us to represent them and we were like, ‘Did we just become agents for a dog model?”

Within a short span of time, Bodhi went on to model clothes for fashion brands like American Apparel, Hudson Shoes, Todd Snyder, Brooks Brothers, ASOS, The Tie Bar, Polyvore, Coach, Victorinox Swiss Army, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Ted Baker.

Finally, It Was Time For A Big Decision

As the demand for Bodhi’s modelling skills increased, Yena and David decided to quit their full time jobs so they could focus on his career.

David says, He adds, “We both decided to quit our jobs for this – mainly as an excuse to break from the nine to five and do something less ordinary.

menswear dog
Loved up: He’s sexy and he knows it. PC: mirrordotuk

“Working with Bodhi is like working with any model, sometimes he’s happy, sometimes he’s not feeling it – at the end of the day he’s the boss.”

Secret Behind Bodhi’s Impeccable Sense of Style

Both Yena and David come from the creative fields. Yena worked as a fashion designer for Ralph Lauren while David worked as a graphic designer. They collectively use their creative inputs to style Bodhi’s looks.

menswear dog
Menswear dog: A natural in front of the camera. PC: Instagram of Menswear Dog

In fact, Yena even stitches clothes for him making use of her professional expertise. She says, “Bodhi didn’t have any menswear that was his size to wear at appearances – so I sewed jackets and shirts for him.”

With two talented stylists at his beck and call, Bodhi sure is one lucky menswear model! The fashion career of the Menswear Dog continues to burgeon and last we heard, he was featured on the New York Times showing men how to dress up for summer destination weddings.

Bodhi’s owners now also have a dogs clothing line inspired by Bodhi, part of whose profits are donated towards animal rescue operations.

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menswear dog
Show him some love. PC: Tumblr/ Abuzeedo




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