Soldier’s Widow Fulfills His Last Wish

veteran's widow
PC: Melissa Jarboe

Sometimes, losing someone you love dearly can spark off great changes in your life. For some individuals, this can bring such a revolution that they end up changing not only their lives but also the lives of countless others in the process. Case in point, Melissa Jarboe, a veteran’s widow who promised her dying Staff Sergeant husband that she will take care of his soldiers and that’s exactly what she did through the creation of the Military Veteran Project.

Melissa Jarboe
PC: Melissa Jarboe

In her own words, this is what Melissa has to say,

“I’m the proud widow of SSG Jamie Jarboe, who was shot in the Zhari District of Afghanistan on April 10, 2011. We were able to spend 11 more months in seven different hospitals as husband & wife, he died 19 times before he took his final breath on March 21, 2012, one of his final wishes was simple.. “Take care of my soldiers” he whispered a few days before he died. Today, over four years later thousands of volunteers are helping me carry on his dying wish to do so through the creation of the Military Veteran Project, a volunteer-led military charity with a mission to prevention military suicide through treatment & research. For more information please visit”

As a daughter of an army officer, I can totally relate to the challenges faced by our defence personnel and how important it is to rehabilitate our war veterans. Military suicide is more common than the media ever talks about. The only way to help our retired defence forces employees and war veterans is through more awareness about their issues.

OROP Protest outside Arun Jaitley residence

A defence personnel gives the best years of his or her life in defending their country, staying in the harshest of conditions and away from the family.

Army new cadets

The least we could do is appreciate the amount of sacrifice they make for the protection of their motherland and do the best we can towards their material and psychological readjustment, especially after a tough stint.

PC: AP Photo M.Lakshman
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