This Sums Up Our Relationship With Food During College

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College days are the perfect time to go ‘Que Sera Sera’, a beautiful phase for crazy experiences and basically, to discover you. It’s also the time when you develop a brand new relationship with food, especially if you move out of your parents’ home.

    1. You “rediscover” food.

2. Eating healthy? What’s that?

3. Any party with free food becomes the best thing ever!

4. Your metabolism rate is kickass and you sure know how to make the best of it.

5. Lazy days or not, you get used to eating anything edible.

6. If you ever have the time to cook a proper meal, you turn it into a mini-celebration.

7. And you won’t stop feeling proud of it.

8. Your attendance for any meeting, conference, or college activity depends on one major possibility.

9. #Biggestlearning: From bad grades to bad relationships, chocolates fix everything.

10. Sometimes, you miss your mom’s cooking (okay, A LOT of times).

11. And whenever you do get a chance to savor home-cooked food, it gives you transcendental pleasure.

12. You perfected the sprint to the food counter, especially after long, boring lectures.

13. You take your love for junk food to a whole new level.

14. However, from time to time you do realize the fault of your ways.

15. And eventually, reality sets in.

16. But, not for too long.

What are/were the crazy food habits you picked up in college? 😉 Tell us in the comments below!



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