These Underwater Pictures of Yoga Asanas Will Take Your Breath Away

Underwater Pictures of Yoga Asanas
PC: Elena Kalsi

How often have we looked with awe the pictures of yogis practicing calmly by the beach? It’s almost worth making a meme out of: Happiness is yoga by the beach.

But one photographer, pushed the envelope even further and pulled yoga right into the ocean – and under water!

underwater pictures of yoga asanas

In her now-viral photo series simply titled, Yoga Girl, underwater photographer, Elena Kalis teamed up with Britta Jade, a yoga instructor to capture yoga poses beneath the surface of the ocean.


Shot in the idyllic oceans of Bahamas, these pictures are simply stunning to say the least.

underwater pictures of yoga asanas

Check out more of these underwater pictures of yoga asanas below!

Oh and just for your benefits, we’ve included a little info about some of the most popular yogic asanas as well! Enjoy! 🙂

1. Padmasana or the Lotus position: Sitting in the classic yoga asana, the lotus position, Britta looks meditative surrounded by the underwater creatures. This asana stretches the knee and ankle.

Underwater Pictures of Yoga Asanas
Biitta sits in padmasana or lotus position. PC: Elena Kalis

2. Vajrasan or Diamond pose: A great position to strengthen the back and legs, the Vajrasan position becomes much easier over time.

Underwater Pictures of Yoga Asanas
Britta sits in vajrasan or diamond pose. PC: Elena Kalsi


3. Dhanur asana or bow position: This popular yoga position strengthens the back while stretching the entire body from the neck to the ankles.

Biitta meditates in vajrasan or bow position. PC: Elena Kalis

4. Ustrasana or Camel Pose: Another back strengthening pose, the camel pose stretches the neck, shoulders and chest to bring in a sense of relaxation.

underwater pictures of yoga asanas
Biitta strikes a pose in camel position or ustrasana. PC: Elena Kalis


5. Kapotasana or Pigeon pose: This pose benefits the chest and hips while stretching the thighs. Elena has beautifully captured Britta in this pose.

Biitta holds her left foot in pigeon position or kapotasana. PC: Elena Kalis

And a few more yoga stretches….


Here Britta makes use of hand mudra to induce a meditative state.

underwater pictures of yoga asanas

The buoyancy of the water coupled with the natural flexibility of a longtime yoga practitioner made for some striking shots captured beautifully by Elena.



So if you’re one of those who gets to practice yoga by the beach everyday, do make use of it to the fullest. After all, not everyone’s as lucky as you! 🙂

And mind blowing artwork, isn’t it? Ever since the launch of her underwater series Elena Kalis has garnered a lot of social media fame for her striking images.

Now it’s time for you to show some love to her work and share them with others!




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