We could go on and on about the physical, emotional and mental benefits of practicing yoga while dancing is something that offers an instant uplift to our mind and senses. In fact, both of these forms of movement are therapeutical in nature.

So what if these two beautiful forms of movement are combined? Well, that’s exactly what Tamara Levinson-Campos, an Argentine, Los Angeles-based Yogini did through the creation of Yogance.

PC: Instagram of Cuchira
PC: Instagram of Cuchira

By combining ballet-like dance steps with regular yoga asanas she created this beautiful form of movement that she named Yogance. According to her, “Yogance is freedom of self-expression, where the creative mind is limitless and needs no labels.”

The movements resemble yoga asanas but are performed in a fluid manner as if the practitioner is dancing slowly.

Curious? Check out this video of Tamara mixing dance steps in Surya namaskars:

As someone who at the age of 15 represented the USA at the 1992 Olympic Games in rhythmic gymnastics and has over a 2-decade long career as a professional dancer, Tamara considers herself an artist of movement.

According to her, these 3 words form the pillars of Yogance:

  1. BeYoutiful
PC: Yogance.com
PC: Yogance.com

2. Warrior

PC: Yogance.com
PC: Yogance.com

3. Truth

Truth - Yogance
PC: Yogance


Tamara considers YOGANCE to be her synthesis of 30 years of work on body, mind, and soul searching. During these years, whatever she learnt as a student, performer, and teacher, she has brought forth as an end result in her Yogance classes. Finally, she feels humbled and blessed to be able to share it with her beYOUtiful warriors.

Yogance pictures
PC: Instagram @Cuchira

And don’t worry if you’re not in LA! She travels quite a lot and you can look up on her website for when she is in your city next for a session! What’s more is that you can even buy yourself an online Yogance session with Tamara that can be accessed from any part of the world! 🙂

Moreover, you can gain a lot of inspiration from what she shares on her social media profiles where she goes by the name Cuchira. You can stay connected with Tamara on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube where she actively posts her Yogance pictures, life lessons, and spiritual wisdom. Happy Yogancing! 🙂

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